At DePietro Design Associates, we work closely with each client forming a partnership in the design process, providing our knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through the design process with ease. The beginning of each project involves meeting with the client to determine the needs, use, desires, budget, and personal identity for the project. We believe that the design process should be a memorable experience for our clients. This is a period of creation, a rare opportunity to develop their dreams.


Our staff then provides a preliminary layout that suits those criteria, followed by the development of the exterior aesthetics according to architectural design & the surrounding environment. Code revisions (both municipal & state), environmental checklists, green material guidelines, new materials, and in general new technology all contribute to the burgeoning intricacy of the design process. We integrate creativity and innovation, to solve complex problems and transform our client’s vision into a reality.

Next, the design is tweaked & adjusted until all the pieces become entwined in balanced harmony. Throughout the entirety of each project, our staff keeps you, the client informed on topics involving design, finish, material, timeline, & all other concerns or questions that may arise.

We believe “An educated customer is our best client”. At DePietro Design Associates we will be a partner you can trust.



We as architects are constantly massaging all aspects of the project into one fluid, functional design. To accomplish this creative act it requires a combination of disciplined training, historical knowledge, personal experience, and a natural eye for design. Once finalization of the design, we provide on-site observation of the project from beginning to completion.

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