About Us

Here at DePietro Design Associates, we will be a partner you can trust.

“Architecture” is the practice of problem solving involving context, function, space, structure, and aesthetics. Not only is architecture a time-intensive practice, but an increasingly complex one as well. To accomplish this creative act it requires a combination of disciplined training, historical knowledge, personal experience, and a natural eye for design.

DePietro Design Associates, founded in 1985, specializes in architecture, engineering and design. We are Licensed in both Wisconsin and Illinois and take pride in providing each client with exceptional service. Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the areas of custom home, commercial, office, hospitality, multi-family, and retail design.

DePietro Design Associates was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform our lives, our culture, and our communities. Our projects custom homes are beautifully designed, user friendly, and technologically advanced – tailored to each individual client.

Our firm believes our clients should feel that they are understood, that their ideas are integral to the design, and they should have the confidence that the building’s design will ultimately reflect the architectural vernacular and values of their vision. The client’s input throughout the project is considered to be at the core of the planning process. By engaging our clients in a rich dialog during the design process we gain a holistic view of their budget, goals, objectives, needs, and vision.

Each project is approached individually. At DePietro Design Associates we foster a team dynamic that gives everyone a voice while providing the right expertise at key decision points. We begin with our clients and their communities and extend to the multidisciplinary consultants with whom we collaborate from the earliest stages of the project.

Our design approach begins with a detailed analysis of each site, program and community, identifying the economic, environmental and social forces that will give form to the design solution. We then synthesize these unique characteristics with broader criteria for habitat creation, watershed protection, mobility, energy production, sustainability, and indoor environmental quality.

Our belief is that successful buildings are a carefully constructed collage of forms and spaces that are at once dynamic, aspiring and meaningful.

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