Project-by-project and day-by-day, sustainability is a part of everything we do. Our theory at DePietro Design Associates when designing green buildings is: To catch the sun, accept the breeze, and grow naturally out of the earth. We then blend these elements into a natural feeling environment.

At DePietro Design Associates we like to think that architecture has both a soul and a conscience. The 'soul' is found in the spirit of the design and the craft of construction. The 'conscience' is represented by the manner in which our modern buildings embody a positive union between natural and built environment, and demonstrate a rigorous commitment to green, sustainable architecture.

Our belief is that successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They're visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, incorporate advances in technology, secure and efficient, overall our projects should inspire those who live in & use them. We believe that built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, communities and the natural environment while creating a minimal environmental footprint. We are committed to not only reducing environmental impact, wasting less, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reintegrating ecological systems and limiting exposure to harmful substances, but we're also helping to improve the environment through regenerative design which heal their local environments and their occupants. In short, our belief is that successful buildings are a carefully constructed collage of forms and spaces that is at once dynamic, aspiring and meaningful.

As State funding programs offer incentives for energy savings, these standards of good practice are increasingly attainable. Sustainable buildings are financially feasible, with a concentrated team effort among all disciplines and most importantly the Owner's support. In turn these buildings will pay their way, adding real value for their owners and users through the future. Residential and commercial buildings account for 40 percent of total energy consumption in this country, 30 percent of all the forests are cut to make architecture, and 25 percent of all our fresh water is used in buildings. Through our architecture, DePietro Design Associates remain determined to leave to future generations a better environment than we received.